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The Better Humanity Foundation

About us

The Better Humanity Foundation

we promote humanity, sustainable peace, social cohesion,& compassionate development at all levels of society. We strive to cultivate a new, compassionate generation of people who understand that borders, oceans, languages, and cultures cannot break the fundamental bonds of humanity. By exposing underprivileged to opportunities such as education, access to medical equipment and healthy meals and water, we seek to inspire hope, open up new horizons, and create a generation fluent in the universal language of PEACE.

Why it is our responsibility to help!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to watch the news and see the constant disasters and tragedies occurring worldwide. So overwhelming in fact, that it wouldn’t be unreasonable for us to wonder, as we sometimes do, to what degree it is our responsibility to help. In addition, society today is increasingly fractured and divided, with people split across fiercely defended lines, when it comes to society, politics and religion. Is giving to those in need simply a good deed, or is it rather a moral imperative and responsibility? Ultimately none of us exist in a vacuum. Any success we have is built on the back of others. We have worked hard for anything we’ve gained, but ultimately our education depended on others. Our health depends on others. Our upbringing depended on others. We stood on the shoulders of others when we were in positions of relative weakness, and now we’re in a position of relative strength, it is absolutely our moral duty to pay it forward and help others; just as others paid it forward to help us.


2021 target


Immediate Need

Over 50,000

maximum target

Help us to Achieve our Goal


Face Mask

Buy one Donate one

Buy one Face mask and Donate face masks and medical supplies. With every pack purchase, you will be donating an extra pack of mask to families and children in need.

As well as Educate and increase covid 19 Awareness for safe operations through the prevention, early detection and control of the COVID-19 Localy.

Talents & Dreams

Supporting Local talents and dreams

We not only find young talents but we also support them. We support them in the same ways we would like to be supported to accomplish our dreams. We applaud established artists of all realms, but we don’t notice the ones who are working on their craft day in and day out simply trying to make a name for themselves. We need to understand that these people need our support in order for them to achieve their dreams.

Donate Healthy


Donate food to help people facing hunger so that people facing hunger have greater access to the nutrition they need to live active, healthy lives. Healthier food donations = healthier kids, healthier people. Donate fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other healthy food!

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